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NFC East Champions video


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First post, like anyone cares. :doh:


I see a lot of posters from Giants.com here,

some quality posters, and others that are questionable.


The video was sweet, Thanks.

Welcome my friend... I used to be on the GMB, but I was suspended for cursing, and banned for recruiting...

here you can basically almost do anything you want... you can curse all day if you like

fuck, shit, twat, piss, cunt ;)

plus there isn't that stupid flood control shit like the GMB has

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I set up one of my home PC's to record TV for the upcomming 2006 season, I will have all the Giants games on DVD this year if anyone wants a copy I will send it as I make them...


Also I can now campture streaming video and convert it to WMV which means I will have all of the Giants.com stuff converted to dvd for each week was well.

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