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How to Update Your Signature and Host An Image.


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This tutorial is to help people who are new to Message boards. How to use the Signature and image feature.


1st Step:


You have to find a image hoster. I normally use Imageshack for free image hosting. You can use any image hoster you want. But for instructional purposes, I'm going to use them for this tutorial.



2nd Step:


Image 1:


You must find the image you want to host. Click on the browser button and search for your image.


3rd Step:


Image 2:


Once you have located your image... select it, and the press the "open" button. And then click the "host it" button. See image 1 to see where's the button is located.


4th Step


Image 3:


Copy the URL link on the "Direct link to image"box.


5th Step:


Image 4:


Go to our Message Board and click on the "My Crontrols" link.


6th Step:


Image 5:


On the left hand side, click on the "Edit Signature" link.


7th Step:


Image 6:


After clicking on the "Edit Signature" link. You should be on the Signature window. Press on the "IMG" button and a hosting box should pop-up.


8th Step:


Image 7:


Paste your URL link and then press OK.


9th Step:


Image 8:


Check your "IMG" tags and then press the "Update" button.


10th Step:


Image 9:


And that's it, you are done. Your image you selected, should be right on top of your signature window.



I hope this was helpful.

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