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The Mets are off to a decent start mainly behind the dominance of Matt Harvey and the unexpected return on investment in John Buck. The bats are starting to wake up, but despite the great start by Gee yesterday, after Niese and Harvey, the rotation has been terrible. The good thing is Shawn Marcum is expected to bolster that rotation with his season debut on Saturday. If he can be effective, that really helps the Mets going forward as far as staying in it. And when Wheeler is ready, which may not be until after the All Star break, the rotation should be strong if the aforementioned Niese, Harvey, and Marcum are still pitching well.


The Mets just sent down Laffey, whose temporary promotion due to Marcum's DL stint was a mistake. Laffey was terrible. Jeremy Hefner also has been bad. Meanwhile, there are some guys in the minors who could help.


Collin McHugh, in my opinion, deserves a second chance. He came up last year for a cup of coffee, debuted with a 7 innings, 2 hits, and 9 K's against Colorado. He did struggle after that, but he only had a few starts overall, and so far in AAA he has had 3 pretty good starts against 1 bad one. He's not going to come up and blow everyone away, but I think McHugh is probably better than Hefner, and maybe even Gee.


Another guy is Rafael Montero, who is absolutely dominating AA ball right now. He has all kinds of pitches, pitched awesome in the Spring, and yes, he's only 22, but I think this guy can pitch at the Major League level right now.


If the Mets open 2014 with a rotation of Harvey, Niese, Wheeler, Montero, and ???? (Marcum, Gee, McHugh, Hefner?), with guys like Noah Syndergaard, Domingo Tapia, and Jacob DeGrom still in the pipeline. I am drooling at that 1 through 4, though, which honestly could rival the Mets pitching staff of the late 80's, they could be that good. But for this year, it will be interesting to see how long this team lets the back end of the rotation struggle before making a move. Meanwhile, Dallas Braden is a free agent who missed all of last season with a torn rotator cuff, should be healthy and for some reason remains unsigned. There has to be a way for the Mets to do better in the 4th and 5th spots of the rotation that what we have currently, until Wheeler and/or Montero are ready.


In other news, Travis D'Arnaud broke a bone in his foot, and won't play for 6-8 weeks. Good thing Buck has been playing so well. We won't see Travis with the big club now until July at the earliest.

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