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Giants 4th Round Pick (124) - Barry Cofield, DT, Northwestern


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Thanks for posting that chart. It shows Cofield was among the strongest and most athletic DTs in this draft. He's a perfect fit here. Personally my favorite pick of the draft.


i like barry a lot. as pizan has pointed out, one of the strongest AND quickest DT's in the draft. great combination. he's my second favorite pick behind gerris wilkerson.

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Q: Defensive tackle was a need and seemed to be your biggest hole going into the draft. Is Cofield good enough and ready enough to step right in if necessary?


A: We didn’t think it was the hole that a lot of you people did. Seawright has gotten big. We have Robbins, we have Joseph. We have three or four people in there. We lost a nice little player, but we didn’t think of it as that big of a hole. Obviously if we felt that way, we would have done something earlier. He is going to be a rookie, but he is good enough to step in, absolutely. He is big run-stopper. That is what he is. On that defensive line, he took the brunt of the double teams and kind of had to get rid of all of the flack for other people. So he is smart. One thing we did, we have smart people, quality people. There were a number of defensive linemen up there. There were some that played defensive end that could have played defensive tackle. But we just needed the big inside guy who is a nose tackle


I like the way Accorsi refers to Clancy... :P

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