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You know what, I got nothing, I tried,but


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I sat down earlier and had 2 thoughts that I was writing down and then i pulled them back. You know what, we are spoiled and because of that when it comes to following this team, we're all a bit fucked up trying to figure them out, technically we're not out of it, and honestly I don't want to start the dressing down until we see what happens Sunday. Nothing till after then. happy Christmas everyone, fuck it even happy Christmas Lawrence Tynes!

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Merry Christmas man...maybe we can meet up for the parade this year...here's hoping... :)



T, I wish we could have met up last year. Seems like I wasn't far away from you and GG. I had my son with me and I dragged his 7 year old butt all over lower Manhattan trying to hook up with SG which we did, so by that time he'd been through enough. If I was on my own, I would have made the extra effort. It would be cool to do so, you can't beat lower Manhattan filled with Giant fans.

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