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Goodbye Chris Snee and David Diehl. I heard Disneyland is replacing sone turnstiles so you'll surely not be unemployed for long.


Goodbye Corey Webster. I'm going to Giants training camp and will surely beat you out for the corner job.


Goodbye Perry Fewell. Our next DC will know that you don't put a speed DE (Kiwanuka) at DT in any situation, ever.


Goodbye Justin Tuck and Osi Umenyiora. Oh wait, are you guys gone already?


Goodbye entire Giants linebacking corps. Try to avoid LT and Harry Carson on your way out the door.

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it's just too bad that nicks was hurt this year. the offense just isnt the same when he's not healthy. otherwise we might've been able to cover up the terrible gameday coaching again


Exactly...I raged, ground my teeth and wailed at the cosmos...for these assholes playing their franchise WR in a fucking meaningless preseason game...then had him hobbling out there early only to get seriously hurt against the Browns on the same bad foot...and then rushed back a second fucking time to be owned by every midget DB...Brewer in at RG...

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The defense was inexcusable The offense was also horrendous. At one point, the camera cut to Gilbride and I noticed his eyes wandering. His mind was elsewhere today.... the fat fuck was probably thinking only about stuffing his face with ham and pies tomorrow.


I would of stuff shit to his face from the crappy offense he putting out.

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