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Ask the Official: October 29, 2012


Published 10/29/2012 | By The Ref

I was confused why Dez Bryant’s injury at the end of the game with no timeouts didn’t result in a ten second run off. Is it because there was a challenge? If the touchdown had been good but no challenge would the runoff happened and the eliminated the giants ability to get the ball back? Thanks!!!—Matthew R.


As I read the NFL rule book Rule 4-5-4 (f) indicates that there will be a 10 second run-off only if “time is in” at the time that the excess timeout is assessed. In this instance, as the pass resulted in a touchdown (later to be overturned), the clock had stopped at that point and time was “out,” as a result there would be no 10 second run-off although Bryant would be required to leave the field for one play as was enforced.

As for the second part of your question, the same rule indicates that the 10 second run-off is enforced only “if the defense so chooses.” As a result, there is no way that the injury to Bryant could have resulted in the remaining 10 seconds having been run-off the clock.


I know you are often defensive of the officials, but did there appear to be a double standard on illegal contact. Specifically, it appeared that Barden was contacted past 5 yards on the entire route when he did not come up with the 3rd down catch. The second contact penalty against Hosley which negated the Tuck sack appeared to be more of Miles pushing off than Hosley hanging on. The new look Cowboys secondary appears to be following the old Eagles approach of holding and daring the officials to call it. Since they did not call it yesterday until the last drive, the Cowboys kept holding.

Also, Fox did not think it was worthwhile to reply Bradshaw’s last run, which appeared to be close to a first down. How did you see it? I will have to wait for the NFL channel to replay the game so I can see the replay. – Andy W.


I will answer the second part of your question first. From what I can see from the shot provided by FOX, Bradshaw is completely on top of a Dallas player when he reaches out with the ball and the forward point of the ball appears to go beyond the 27 yard line (and the imaginary yellow line).

I felt that the spot by Mark Steinkerchner, who is an excellent official, was very poor and at least 12-18″ short of where it should be.

As I have previously indicated, I feel that FOX does a poor job of covering NFL camera wise and they might have had their “A Team” covering the World Series.

It should be noted that every play during the last two minutes is reviewed by the Replay Official but he is at the mercy of the network covering the game. In this instance, the Replay Communicator, Carl Madsen, would have been asking the TV truck if any other views of the play existed and was probably told “no.” So he only had the one view to look at and made the decision that he did not have enough to stop the action.

The other thing to remember is that as I remember the NFL rule, replay only can address a situation when a first down is ruled which in this case did not occur. I will have to check this but this may also be the reason that replay did not get involved with this play.

As for the first part of your question, I have indicated in the past that I am not a fan of Scott Green’s crew (although it includes a number of good officials) as I believe that they let too much go downfield and are often inconsistent. Yesterday was one such instance.

Although I do not agree that an inconsistent standard was enforced, there were a number of plays on both sides that I felt could have been called differently. In my mind, one call against Hosley was questionable and there was at least one against the defender covering Cruz that I thought could have been called. All in all, they tend to allow a lot of contact on both sides and a defense can take advantage of what is being called or not called on any given day.

The Giants did get away with what should have been a defensive holding call on one Cowboy screen pass so things tend to even out. Teams know the tendencies of the various crews and it is up to them to take advantage. It is the same thing in baseball when there is an Umpire behind home plate who has a “low ball” or “high ball” strike zone.

I will say that I found the call by Field Judge Boris Cheek (#41) against Amukamara with about a minute to play to be very questionable. Not only was the Dallas receiver the initiator of the contact but Cheek follows the players out of bounds, signals “no catch” and then nonchalantly throws his flag to a spot on the field that is nowhere near the incidental contact occurred.

That type of officiating, both judgment and mechanically, is inconsistent with the NFL’s standards and I would expect that he will hear about it from Carl Johnson. Fortunately for the Giants, both the BJ and LJ talked him out of the call.




The game of the week and they can't get a good tv angles? Damn Jumbo Jerha Tron is to damn big.



speaking oh Jerrys big screen tv I notice Eli looking at a replay as he was walking off the field and he was like wtf this thing is giving me vertigo. So why not mount the tvs like this (endzone view) \ / instead of like this I I

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There's a whole lot of people questioning the officiating of that game. In particular, the time keeper with a slow finger on the "start button". Even TC questioned how the hell a team with 10 seconds left on the clock get 3 plays off.


Those two spots (Bradshaw's first down if spotted correctly) and the Amukamara penalty that gave the boys an extra 15 - 20 yards by spotting it nowhere near the infraction ticked me off the most.


Thankfully, even with the timekeeper's slow start finger, and some totally bullshit spotting of the ball by refs that seemed to be part of the boys fan club, the Giants walked away with a win leaving Dallas in never, never land for going to the playoffs this year.

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