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Canty - a beast


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Chris Canty was huge yesterday. He looked fresh , healthy and very disruptive out there

He hit Romo very hard at least 3 or 4 times

He had fantastic inside push

He was instrumental in shutting down the Dallas run game early

He improved the whole D Line

This man is a Beast


If he had not been playing yesterday .......we would have lost that game


Hail the Beast !




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Hard to believe, but it almost seems as if it's the inside of the defensive line that is our strength. If not for JPP, I would be scratching my head at our DE's wondering where they hell they've gone to. I kept an eye on Tuck and it seemed he was just going through the motions half the time, locking up with a tackle and just standing up with him. He seems to have lost heart or something. And Osi.....I just don't know. I expected a huge season out of him as he prepares for free agency. The way he's playing though, he's not going to be getting much attention from other teams.


I can't say enough good, or sing enough praises of JPP. When he intercepted that ball, he was looking around as if he was going to give it to one of his teammate to run with.....then finally realized it was up to him. That was a sensational play and the smile on his face was priceless......well, unless you're a boys fan or something I suppose.

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I've been down on Canty since he's been here, and I still think we may have overpayed for him a bit, but a Canty/Joseph interior moving forward is a very good thing for us.


Canty has played well the past two years when he's been in there.

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