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Eli doesn't have a "primary" reciever


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Always knew that playing with assholes like Plaxico and Jeremy Droppy had a bad affect on Eli.


Thats why Pittsburgh couldn't get rid of Plaxico fast enough, this exact reason: he was having a bad effect on Big Ben.


Plaxico's performance in 2007 brought me around, but until then I never really wanted him.

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Good article. When Eli became the QB, he had a whole team of veterans that treated him like a snot nosed kid who didn't know what he was doing. Tiki hated him (and TC), there were prima-donas that did things their way and wanted Eli to feed them the ball all the time. I give a lot of credit to Strahan who stuck with the team and kept the team together.


Now Eli is the vet and he has a coach's brain, can read any defense and know how to exploit it, and can change setups and plays on the fly...........but most importantly, he has taken the new kids and built up their confidence in him (and in themselves) and they keep their egos in check and have the proper respect for their QB and understand that winning games is more important than personal stats.


The old discussion of whether or not Eli is elite like Brady seems silly in retrospect. Eli is definitely elite. In fact, you can't spell "ELIte" without Eli!

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