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Has Eli ever Pumpfaked?


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Early in his career, he had a tendancy to stare at or at least keep an eye on the receiver he was going to throw to. He finally learned to drop that habit as defensive players adjusted their strategy on the fly based on outguessing him and it cost him dearly at times. Staring away from the intended receiver does as much or more good than a pumpfake. A pumpfake is a deception that buys you a second and perhaps gets a DE to drop his bullrush, but using your eyes to confuse the entire defensive scheme is far more deceptive and utlimately, effective. Also, a pumpfake wastes time and can confuse his own teammates and in this league, QB's don't get a heck of a lot of time to waste before they get clobbered.


I think Eli is doing exactly what he should be doing and is not only athletically gifted, but has a coach's brain as well. I doubt there is anything about quarterbacking that he hasn't tried or contemplated. He's one hell of a great QB.

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