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bradshaw thinks nicks is playing sunday


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not a slam dunk but it's the only good thing i've heard in weeks and god knows i've been google newsing this to death



Bradshaw says Nicks will play Sunday



Paging Dr. Bradshaw ... Dr. Ahmad Bradshaw.

The Giants running back believes that his injured teammates, Hakeem Nicks, will return from a three-week absence and play against the 49ers in San Francisco on Sunday. He said Nicks gave him a "hint" that he'll play during a conversation they recently had.

"He's tough," Bradshaw said about Nicks during an interview on ESPN Radio in New York on Tuesday. "I think he'll be here this week. He seemed to give me a hint that he would be. If not I think we've got some guys who are going to step up and help us out regardless."

Nicks hasn't played since the Giants' Week 2 win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. At first the Giants said it was due to the short week of preparation before the Giants' Thursday night game in Week 3 in Carolina. They said it wasn't enough time for Nicks to get ready since he's still feeling the affects of a broken foot which had to be surgically repaired in May.

Then it turned out that Nicks' knee was an issue. He appeared to bang it hard on the turf near the end of the Giants' big win over the Bucs. But the Giants also indicated the knee issue flared up because after Nicks attempted to return to practice in Week 4 after a long layoff, his body was overcompensating for his injured foot.

Tom Coughlin has repeatedly been asked for specifics about Nicks' injury, but other than saying there was "swelling" and admitting Nicks had an MRI, Coughlin wasn't talking. And Nicks hasn't talked at all since the knee injury was revealed.

Whatever the truth of the injury is, Bradshaw said that Nicks is just trying to make sure he doesn't rush back and reinjure it.

"Hakeem will be back and he'll be 100 percent when he does (return)," Bradshaw said. "He's just being careful and just taking his time. He wants to come back and be that play-maker he's always been with all he can. He doesn't want to come back and be missing game-in, game-out.

"So I think he's just being precautious about it. But I think he'll be fine."



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Man I hope so. Hixon, Randle, and Barden have stepped up at different times in his absense but they can't replicate what Nicks brings, especially against an elite defense. Even if he isn't 100%, he'll command attention which should help Cruz. Plus, he's killing all of my fantasy teams.

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