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My 11 month old, already bleeds blue


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Yeah, well I went to church on Sunday morning...a norm for my family. I got roped into helping in the nursery. Held two infants over the course of 90 minutes while whispering how much they should like the Giants into their baby ears. They both smiled and giggled.


I may volunteer again next week...brainwashing infants into being Giants fans is my new shtick

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Hi JayD .....i ve got 3 daughters ( 7,12,15 years old ) ....on Sunday we all stayed up until 4.30 am in England to watch Tynes miss that 54 yarder .......crazy i know.....but they already love the Giants .....and have ' blue blood '


Cant wait to bring them over to New York in a year or 2 for a home game


( PS ....my seven year old was asleep at half time , i admit ........but hey )

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Yeah I was going to say, cant see anything.


The audio was cute though, kids going to usher in the era of Giants fans when were all old and bitching about the current coaching staff and how the game is nothing like the game of old.


by time he is old enough, they will add the front seven of the Defense and put into the oline giving the QB 12 guys to protect and making the offense 18 to the defenses 4 in the secondary

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