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Gameday 49rs, Dallas, Jets


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The sweetest thing about the Eagles loss was watching Kolb light'em up. Reid had to make big trades to move up in the 2nd rd of the 2007 draft to get Kolb (36th overall) then invested 5 years and millions of dollars preparing Kolb to be the QB of the future for the Eagles. Then he let him go and opted to keep Vick (who's 4 years older) at 12.5 million per year.....while Arizona snatched up Kolb for 1 million per year.


Watching Reid's face as he witnessed Kolb picking the Eagles defense apart and throwing a gem of a game was priceless.

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I'm sorry.......WHAT????? Of all the Jack quotes, through all the years, THIS just might be the most ridiculous statement ever - and that's saying a lot!


He looks lke him with the helmet on, and has a simalar way of avoiding the rush and passing motion.

Too bad his kicker cannot kick straight.....the Jets dodged a bullet

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