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You Have To Admit, David Carr


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He was also playing with the back-up OLine. He wasn't afforded the same time Eli was enjoying.


(I expected this thread, but thought it would be from Jack)


The Sack King's performances speak for themselves.........Manning's cannot stand having real Back-ups on the roster.....Peyton has come right out and said so


The fact Perrilloux is sitting home is a Blackburnian Crime........however might be planned, as had they put him on the practice squad he could not be signed to play this year in an emergency.

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Yes but we can determine from his NFL career as a whole that he SUKKS

yea the one year he wasnt getting sacked ever other drop back he completed 70%. He sucks. He was a first overall pick for a new Team. There where holes all over the place he never had a chance in hell to develop

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