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McCants cut from PS


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A little surprising, because he was a draft pick, that he didn't even last very long on the PS. However, he'll probably be back in camp next year, and maybe even be back on the PS this year, a la Perrilose.


Speaking of Ryan Perrilose... he's still a free agent, surprising that no one has scooped him up yet. [/sarcasm]


I hope next year Reese doesn't completely miss on a draft pick like he did with McCants this year. I know, he was always going to be a developmental project. But boy did he look awful in preseason.


Anyway, since it was a draft pick and this very well could end his Giants' career, thought I'd share.

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Yea he was turrible in the preseason. Like all time making Whimper look like Jonathan Ogden as a rookie bad.


He has some tools though physically and is obviously insane amounts of raw, but I believe there's something in him that has a small chance into developing into a tropical storm.

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