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So uh, who's starting: Jason Pierre-Paul or Osi Umenyiora?


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With the DT out. Doesn't Tuck take that DL spot letting JPP and Osi play DE? Isn't Canty hurt And Austin is out. We only got linval and some scrub playing the two position!??


no, tuck will in certain situations like he always had but he wont start, or be anything close to a full time dt. austin apparently might be back in a few weeks, and we have linval and bernard starting at that position. bernard has looked good in preseason this year and is underrated here.

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Does not matter........both are deadly


I want to see a lot of Kuhn and Ojomo too


One thing about D line unlike any other position........its a rotation...constant subs throughout the game to keep them fresh


We learned that leasson the hard way in the famous "ice chip" playoff game in SFO where TO burned us when we could not get to the QB

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