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You know who's been really great this preseason?


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I agree. I've always thought of him as taking up a roster space, but he's been a tackling force on ST's. When the pile gets up, I always look to see who was at the bottom getting the original hand on the tackle and often it's none other than DeOssie.

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Lawrence Tynes


But Wednesday night brought a different kind of stress. After flopping around offensively all night, the Giants and New England Patriots were tied when Tynes lined up for a 32-yard field goal attempt with 1:07 remaining. No one on either side wanted to see the game go into overtime, particularly the Giants, who open their regular season against NFC East rival Dallas in one week.


Tynes booted the ball through the uprights and the Giants held on for an inartistic 6-3 victory in their preseason finale in MetLife Stadium.


David Carricon-article-link.gif said that was the third biggest kick of my career,” Tynes said. “That’s pretty funny. Actually, you don’t want to go to overtime, but it was good to be put in that position in the preseason. No matter who you are, it’s still kind of a late game field goal. Those are good to have before you go into the regular season.”

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David Carr


I love his pocket presense, un-hurried delivery, fearlessness.........it's easy to see why he went as an overall #1 in the Draft


Not to mention his pin-point accuracy on the 2 yard-outs to the RB...

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