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Offensive Line


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I know Joe's been talking about it for awhile now, that the O-line is the major problem on this team. After watching these four preseason games, I have to agree. Let's hope Beatty gets back in the lineup very soon. Locklear has become an indispensable backup at this point.


I don't know what happened to Mitch Petrus. He has been the biggest disappointment to me this preseason. But McCants has played incredibly bad. Holding and just ineffectiveness. I expect a rookie to struggle, but this went beyond struggling. He was simply outmatched, over and over again. James Brewer essentially had a redshirt year last year and looks like he needs another one. This isn't good news. And there were no bright spots that came out of nowhere like on the defensive line with Ojomo. Capers was bad, Cordle was bad, Goodin was horrendous.


We have very little depth at this point. I think this is going to need to be addressed. Keep an eye out for cuts on other teams, because I expect the Giants to be looking at OL help on the waiver wire. Because outside of the 5 starters (to include Locklear at this point), nobody really made this team. This is a huge issue, so we'll see what happens, but I can't believe Reese and Coughlin will go into the season with these guys as the backups. Simply awful.

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Yea we gotta do something.


McCants is PS status


What's Rich Seubert doing? Why not give KMac a ring if hes in shape? Idk if anyone decent will be cut.


KMac at this point would not be an improvement. He's done. He was getting beaten badly and with regularity last season. We need to shore up our depth on the interior though. Petrus was supposed to be the super sub at Guard, and now he looks like he's not up for it. I wouldn't be opposed to bringing in Richie, but bear in mind he's 33 years old at this point.

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O Line is definitely a concern, and has been, since the start of the offseason. The only thing we did was draft two guys who have struggled to date, and bring in a veteran backup that really wasn't much better than the aging KMac that was let go. So yeah, I think that the Giants were really hanging their hats on Brewer to develop and Beatty to recover. Neither has really happened to date and until they do, we're going to be holding our collective breath.

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McCants is just terrible. I don't know what kinds of players he was up against in college but he was just letting DEs run straight around him. He wasn't even getting his hips turned, just tried to push them off with one hand.


Petrus and Cordle both looked bad too.

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My take on it is that it is a tough brutal unappriciated job and if your roster spot is assured you are not going to show your best effort and cards in the pre-season


If they struggle against Dallas that is a completely different story


Let's wait and see

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