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Paysinger and Hendricks - lookin good


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Paysinger led the team in tackles against the Jags the other night and Hendricks had two sacks in the game. Both are making an impression. Coughlin is very stingy with compliments, but here's what he has to say about these youngsters:


Head Coach Tom Coughlin on LB Spencer Paysinger: “He’s been impressive since he made our team as a rookie. He’s probably our top special teamer. He gained a lot of good muscle weight in the off-season. He’s done pretty well when he’s had the opportunity; he played a lot the other night. He just gets better; he’s continuing to get better.”


Coughlin on DT Dwayne Hendricks: “I’ve told anybody that goes against Dwayne Hendricks – he’s going full speed every play. So if you’re foolish enough to think that he’s not going to make you look bad, you’re ridiculous. So he goes out and plays the game just like he practices. He did very well for himself.”




I believe that Austin and Kuhn can learn alot from Hendricks and it's great that they have to compete for a job from a guy with such high energy whether it's practice or a real game.


Having a plethora of solid linebackers and defensive linemen is a great problem to have. I think Sintim is history and wouldn't be surprised if Rocky Berard is going to have a real problem making the team with these youngsters chompin at the bit.


I also think we struck gold with Will Hill and wonder if he can work his way into a starting safety. He looked very good the other day.

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Greg Jones needs to be nervous. He looked crappy out there last week and Paysinger is getting all the attention. Did Sintim even play? I haven't heard his name at all this off-season.


That's what happens to non-factors players.

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TC made a comment about Paysinger being the best ST'er on the roster. Might as well write his name in ink to make it through cuts. So that will be a change to my roster prediction.


If Hendricks continues to perform like he did, he will make this team at Shaun Rogers or Rocky Bernard's expense. Even though it's looking more and more like Canty may start the season on PUP. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Gives us a chance to roster one more talented DT.

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I don't see how on earth they can keep Sintim. He's had the chance, made a ton of money, and given precious little in return. Meanwhile, there are younger, hungrier, faster, poorly paid, LB's willing to do whatever it takes to make the team.


I am going to keep a close eye on Paysinger this year. He made a few nice plays last year, but didn't get that many chances. Looks as if he took the offseason very, very seriously and wants to become a starter and perhaps even a star. Wouldn't that be a hoot to have the best LB corps in the NFL?

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