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Ex-Giant Jonathan Goff goes down with knee injury


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I have no ill-will towards Goff or the Redskins for grabbing him off our club. But maybe the Giants knew more about his knee than they let on and perhaps why they didn't work hard to resign him.


Anyway....Goff went down with a knee problem in practice....the same knee that cost him to lose last season with the torn ACL. I hope it's not serious, but it's not a good sign.



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Goff was good but not worth getting into a bidding war over.


Yeah, if that were the case and the Giants thought every seriously injured player was worth a bidding war, we'd be as poorly managed as teams like the Eagles and Redskins. We'd have Steve Smith catching 10 passes and a touchdown per season, Jake Ballard to....well I'm not sure what Jake will be up to this year, and now Johnathan Goff to be the first LB to go on IR, par for the course for Giants LBers both past and present.

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