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Name the top 20 Giants players in order of importance/performance


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Here is mine the CORE of the 2012 World Champion NY Football Giants (just in case the baseball team bolts back here)


Eli Manning


Hakeem Nicks

Victor Cruz

Ahmad Bradshaw

Justin Tuck

Corey Webster


Chris Snee

Micheal Boley

Antrelle Rolle

Lawrence Tynes

Steve Witherspoon (Jets were brain dead here)

Terrell Thomas

Kenny Philips

Chase Blackburn (Giants were brain dead here)

David Diehl


Will Beatty

Bear Pascoe


I'm not for one moment discounting the other 33 players........all are important, and some like Wilson and Williams have star potential

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What strikes me is how Victor Cruz went from the bottom of the roster to the top in one year........what a year


I saw it in the pre-season Jets game last year........he had the magic even back then

How no DT is on the list (a real team weakness)

How weak our O-line is (relatively)

Out TE's need a lot of work

beyond that we are locked and loaded for another Trophy

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You're top 20 is horrible.


Bear Pascoe? Really man?


So putting Bear on the end made it horrible? Wheres your list buddy? What about the other 19 slots are those equally horrible?

Bear performed very well in the playoffs, and right now he's our #1 tight end.....you better hope he's a top 20 player. I have high hopes for this kid Bennett who backed up Jason Witten for a few years (must have learned something?)


Bear proved that with Eli TE's are pretty interchangeable........I don't see Kevin Boss tearing up the league......I do not expect Jake Ballard will either in 2 yrs if he ever plays again.


Eli is putting the ball right on their mitts.......his throws to TE's are usually when they are wide open. Ballard made some nice grabs but so did David Tyree and he's long gone.

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I actually started a thread and made a much better list last month. You're list is gross and makes me ashamed to be affiliated with this website.


Sorry could not find your list.......must have been horrible as it has to be more than 5 pages back

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I left Canty and Joseph off as they are ordinary and just barely serviceable.............neither guy is all pro material



Post of the century!!!




Haha this has ben fun, I'm gonna let the rest speak in this of they even want to.


Bye Jacky Boo!

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It's on the list next to my letter to Santa.


OK get in line with Osi724dasack as another guy who can make fun of others posts but cannot contribute a healthy sneeze to any debate


Studies show those with a 100 IQ (average) are happiest..................don't worry, be happy

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