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Wow on the Michael Kay show Amani today made an IDIOT of himself


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Toomer proceeded to toss gasoline on the firestorm he started the day before on Sirius



This shows you good football players do not necessarily make good football analysts



Toomer categorically does not understand or want to admit playoff football is played at a much higher level than

regular season stats


Toomer went so low as to blame Romos failure vs the Giants on the Giants Defensive line


Toomer- "Its not Eli but the Giants organization that is responsible for Eli's success"


WHAT A MORON!!!!!!!!!!!


Even Jeremy Shockey would be more sensitive to this argument and more diplomatic than Toomer


I always liked Toomer even as an analyst............now I think he might have acquired rabies or something.

his brain has ceased to function


He will be booed out of the Stadium if he shows up at any Giants games

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Amani sure is an idiot if he indeed said those things.


It really does make shockey look like the good guy in there feud.


Still a great Giant though


Makes ne glad to have a classy guy like Nicks, who will go down as the best WR in Giants history.

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You think I care what YOU think.......think again


I just enjoy teasing you......its incredibly easy to do :toilet:





Shame you seek the attention of someone you claim you like to "tease"


Didnt know you felt that way about me Jacky.

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Seems like former Giants enjoy being seemingly outlandish....I honestly doubt Toomer believes that if he said it. But of course, the organization is at least half responsible for Eli's success....look no farther than Eli's backup to see why having a good organization behind you is a necessity. So there's a shred of truth in what he's trying to say.

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Statistics really are for losers.........Amani's verbal diarrhea was followed on the Michael Kay show with 10 minutes live with the latest Knick- Jason Kidd


just listening tot the two athletes ...........afterwards it was easy to see why winners win............ and losers make excuses


Kidd does not care who starts.......he cares who finishes.......like Eli for instance


Romo starts out hot and then does a Kerry Collins"Folderino" half the time


Jessica Simpson was perfect for Tony

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