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Nick Swisher


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The difference between Swisher and Reyes is


Swisher genuinely loves being a Yankee and is full of energy and a great teamate. Reyes was selfish.


Dude, shut the fuck up.


Swisher loves being a fucking douchebag on the field. The only difference people like Swisher and not Reyes is because Swisher doesn't have visible tattoos, has a short haircut and isn't Dominican. People don't give Swisher shit because he's white.


Nick Swisher is a cunt. Between his laughing when he miss played a fly ball he had a shit eating grin like "oh, almost got me!!!!!" Fuck him.

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Reyes took himself out of the lineup in his last game as a Met so he could secure the batting title.


I rest my case.


And for the record, nobody is saying he isn't really energetic, but that's a good energy. If you're not a Yankee fan then it will annoy you. Especially when he takes you're ace dickey deep for a 3 run shot an goes around the bases pumped up, that's just him, he GENUINELY loves the game.

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Swisher is awesome, he geniunely loves the game and is like a happy child. He is a really nice, outgoing, cool dude. Jealous.


Jose Reyes was the same.


Except he has dreadlocks, tattoos and looks like he's Black. There for Yankee fans didn't like him. Clearly racism as its finest.

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You sound like a fool.bro


It's the truth.


Reyes did the exact same shit when he was here. You know this, I know this. He was called "aloof" "selfish" and people told me "he didn't care about the game."


Then when Super-Cunt Swisher gets traded to the Yankees...pulls the same exact shit with all the extravagant handshakes after homeruns, etc it's considered "good natured" "just loves to have fun and play the game"

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