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Cool Harry Carson video


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That was a great vid. I never knew Reagan got Carson with a bucket of popcorn (?), and vice versa. That was pretty great. 25 tackles in a single game, wow. I was just learning about football and getting into it and the Giants at the end of Carson's career. I was only 10 years old when they won their first Super Bowl on January 25th, 1987.


But I have all the old videos, history of the Giants, the old Super Bowls recorded, too. Also, what I loved about that is that Harry Carson was a DL in college, converted to linebacker. Same as our own Matthias Kiwanuka!


I know a lot of people don't like these conversion projects, but we had one of our all-time greats do it, and another guy who is one of our best defensive players right now, do it as well. But it's a more pass-happy game now than it was in Carson's era, too, so you definitely need linebackers who can defend the pass well. Great video, though.

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