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Metlife Stadium VIP Tour Pics Inside


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Nice picture of GIANTS stadium!!!!!


To quote Justin Tuck... It's Metlife Stadium, but there's no questioning who's house it is.


The Legacy Club (Hall of Fame) is the final stop on the tour and there's no buildup at all. As soon as the door opens... Trophy Case. This year's Lombardi and Halas Trophies were getting engraved. I gotta get to a game so I can get pics of them. According to the guide the club is gonna get redone some time in the next few months to include the 2011 season.

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Great pictures of stuff hardly any of us will get to see :ermm:


Lol tell me about it. The first club we went to, the guide started by saying that in all likelihood, no one present could afford to get in.

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sweet pics really like the pics from Giants hall of fame, i hope i get the chance to see the new stadium one day


Whenever you're in the NY/NJ area take the tour. It was close to 3 hours (the site says 90 minutes). There's only 2 places that are restricted. The replay booth and the locker rooms. The place looks like a big tuna can, but it's a beautiful stadium.

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