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Good article on what first round picks mean for veterans


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This was written a couple days ago for the Chicago Tribune (i.e., the Bears). However, it could just as easily apply to the Giants. And in that case, the writing is on the wall for Bradhsaw.


I like Bradshaw alot, but 2012 is not 2011. Jacobs is gone, and the dropoff is pretty steep if Bradshaw can't go.


And let's face it.....Bradshaw can't even practice during the regular season. I know much of the issues in the running game were due to the offensive line. But you can't tell me that when your #1 back can't practice, somehow that improves the running game.




NFL draft can be wake-up call for vets



If team selects player at their position high, it reflects on how they truly are regarded



April 25, 2012|Matt Bowen | Scouting the Bears



Everyone is replaceable in the NFL.


That's a hard lesson many veterans in Chicago and across the league will learn when the NFL draft begins Thursday night in New York.


Rookies aren't just drafted to provide "competition" or "depth" to the roster — the buzzwords we hear constantly at this time on the NFL calendar. That's classic "coach speak" that will be filtered out through news conferences at Halas Hall and elsewhere over the weekend.


But it's far from the truth.


There is no "competition" with first-round picks. They are drafted to play, to start and to push veterans out of the way. Those high-priced rooks are an investment in the team's future so management (and coaches) will give them ample opportunities to see the field on opening day.


As a veteran, you might believe you had a good season the year before. That's fine. Think whatever you want throughout the winter months and the beginning of the offseason program.


However, the draft will tell you exactly how the team views your talents.


A rookie drafted at your position early this weekend? Hey, I have bad news for you, buddy. Your time probably is limited. Call your agent and complain if you want, but the writing is on the wall.


The club isn't just upgrading its roster; it is, in fact, upgrading over you.


Maybe the veteran can hold off a rookie during camp and keep his starting job to open the season. That's possible, considering rookies get lost trying to find the bathroom in the team facility when they arrive.

But, eventually, that rookie is going to get a legitimate shot to take the veteran's job.


I've been there multiple times. With the Rams, it was Adam Archuleta. With the Redskins, it was Sean Taylor. And with the Bills (my final stop on a journeyman career), it was Donte Whitner.


Those first-round safeties were drafted to contribute immediately. Those thoughts of mine actually competing for a starting spot? Limited. Back to special teams and covering kicks.


These draftees will experience a level of nervousness this weekend they never have felt before while they sit by the phone waiting (and sometimes begging) for it to ring. All they want is an opportunity to see their name flash across the screen and hear their new coach or general manager on the other end of the line welcoming them to the NFL.


It's a great feeling, a once in a lifetime experience they never will forget. Now, they will get paid to play football. It's a beautiful thing.


The Bears head into this draft with a new boss in Phil Emery who already has shown he is willing to make the necessary moves to improve this club. That continues Thursday night and throughout Friday and Saturday.

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Yeah, Reese is trying hard to say the right things re: Bradshaw, but it seems like a no brainer that he'll get no more than half the touches going forward. I'm thinking less, but with all the goal line/short yardage.


If only Wilson can learn to block sooner than later... I keep thinking of what a weapon he'll be in passing situations. Its been six years since the Giants have had a runningback who could convert from long distance.

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He's got a good point, but at positions that are filled by committee like RB, I'm not sure it's entirely accurate.


If we draft a WR in round two, I don't for a second think that spells the end for Nicks and Cruz. However, it may be the end for Hixon (it could never be the end for Barden, because as Treehugger will attest to, Barden is going to have a monster year with 3,000 yards and 35 TDs).


Same with backs. It's a committee position these days.

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I know that if I was a starter at a position and my GM and coach drafted a player in my position with their first round.....it'd be like cold water in my face. I'm sure there will be a certain amount of new motivation in Bradshaw knowing there's a new kid on the block that wants his starting role.

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Yeah but Jacobs had a big role in the offense, too. Bradshaw knows he can't play forever, and Wilson is the future. But for now, they got a bad ass player that will split carries with Ahmad (just like Jacobs did, so no change), and be a factor in the return game.


I agree with Seph that it's not as relevant to our situation for at least this year. Beyond that, then yeah, probably. But this year, they are going to be expecting a lot from Bradshaw.


Last year, the 32nd overall pick got a 4 year, $6 million contract (DT Derek Sherrod, Packers). Ahmad Bradshaw is entering the 2nd year of a 4 year, $18 million contract. Bradshaw is still going to be the lead back this year, and probably take a lesser role similar to Jacobs' next year, and perhaps cut prior to the final year of his deal, or return in the same role.


But I like the Bradshaw/Wilson 1-2 punch. Also great insurance for Bradshaw's feet.

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