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Eli to Host Saturday Night Live


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Noticed this on PFT and thought I'd share. Eli will be hosting SNL in a few weeks. Seems a bit odd because Eli doesn't seem to be all that humorous, especially compared to his brother. But nonetheless...should be interesting to watch. Anyway, here's from PFT:



"After winning his first Super Bowl, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning hosted NBC’s Saturday Night Live.


After winning his second, Giants quarterback Eli Manning will do the honors.


Eli will host the show on May 5, according to ESPNNewYork.com.


He’ll be the third active NFL quarterback to host, joining Peyton and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The timing is a bit surprising, given that Eli will likely miss a week of the team’s offseason program as he prepares for the show. On-field work isn’t expected to begin, however, until the middle of May.


During the 2011 season, Tim Tebow was being pursued to host the show, but he didn’t want to do anything to make himself anything other than one of the guys. (Now that he has become the first backup quarterback in NFL history of have his own press conference, perhaps his position on blending in has changed.)


Peyton’s stint as host was widely praised, with his United Way Digital Short one of the funnier moments of the past decade.


It’s too bad they never got Brett Favre to do the show. He and Andy Samberg could have recreated the funniest moment of the past decade".

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