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Yesterdays F/A signings and the trade


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I'm really thrilled at what we did yesterday.


Let me start with Antwaun Molden. Many people will say he sucks and that he could get big p/t on the shitty secondary's of Houston or New England last year (Houston prior), and maybe he does suck but this is a no risk signing that provides really good competition at our 4th an 5th cb spot. We now have 5 guys fighting for 2 spots!! Moulden is still young, and is a tremendous athlete with some size. He was a top 3 round draft pick and still has the potential to break out. He played ok on the superbowl. Great no risk signing!


Locklear is that the OT that was signed. Last season he was rated the top pass blocking RT, Nd is a good pass blocker overall! His weakness is his run blocking. Overall this was another great no risk signing as this provides depth at a position of need and he can even be an effective starter that won't get Eli killed of needed.


My favorite move was Keith Rivers. This was a low risk move rather then no risk, but the dude has so much disgusting athletic ability and when he's actually been healthy he has been an absolute stud!!! This is classic Bengals! Getting impatient with there top 10 picks ability to stay

on the field after 3 seasons and with many

flashes of greatness! If he stays healthy we just

landed a stud. And I think he can stay healthy,

his knees and legs are fresh. His career injurys

have been a Broken Jaw from Hines Ward, a

broken wrist suffered in an off the field incident,

and a sprained ankle. I'm confident he will pan

out and be our best LB since LT!!! At the very worst He's another Boley!! Btw I'm not saying he's the next LT lol.


This set will be deadly for Fewell since he can go 3LB with Jaquain/Boley/Rivers and still cover tons of ground!!!



I am now even more pumped for the draft since it looks like were going BPA for sure and that means either of the stud RBs in Miller or Martin or a stud WR or a stud TE in Fleener. We have the luxury to take BPA once again and this year at 32 it looks to be a high octane skill position player!


Giants football!



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With the spacing there, I thought you were going to start rhyming all poetry style...


moves yesterday were classic Giants moves. We didn't give up much for any of them and I'll wait until I see details on what they'll get paid, but all in all, I was pleased to see us bringing in an OT and a LB. Not overly certain what to think of the Molden signing. I realize we lost Ross, and that someone would fulfill that spot (Prince), but I thought we had enough internally to cover Ross' departure. That said, it still creates competition for the 4th CB spot and almost guarantees that Rolle will get to play S full time now.


The moves definitely create flexibility come draft day. I wouldn't be surprised if we still took a T or TE....especially the TE. Ballard was restricted FA this year, but I believe will be unrestricted FA next year. I know Bennett was only signed for a year. So if we don't find someone in the draft, we're going to have a glaring need there next year. In the same way the Giants created flexibility on draft day by the moves made yesterday, they can create flexibility next year by drafting a TE this year.

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