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2012 MLB predictions

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My predictions were shit last year, but what the hell. I elaborated a lot more on this topic but accidently closed the tab before posting, so instead of re-writing all that... I'm just going to give division winners and wild cards, and you guys can flame me afterwards.


AL East - Division Winner: Tampa Bay Rays, Wild Card: NY Yankees

AL Central - Detroit Tigers

AL West - LA Angels


Wild Cards: Texas Rangers, NY Yankees


NL East - Division Winner: Atlanta Braves

NL Central - Cincinatti Reds

NL West - SF Giants


Wild Cards - Philadelphia Phillies, LA Dodgers


Bonus Prediction: Mets finish respectable 83-79... lose Reyes, but net win with a full season of Johan, Ike Davis, and Lucas Duda... the latter 2 are going to have big breakout seasons. Plus Miami Marlins implode, too bad for them Reyes got his big contract, they aren't going to get the 2011 version of him this year.


Oh yeah, Playoff prediction:




Rangers over Yankees in WC round


Rays over Tigers in Divisional

Angels over Rangers in Divisional (sorry, VG)


Rays over Angels in AL Championship




Phillies over Dodgers in WC


Braves over Reds in Divisional

SF over Phillies in Divisional


SF over Braves in NL Championship


World Series:


Rays over Giants in 6. (Sorry Blu)


I will trade a rebuilding year for the Mets for some October magic here in Tampa any day. Go Rays.

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I'm ok with it. Although the Dodgers have only 2 real players. Kershaw and Kemp.

Maybe Ethier.

Magic would have to live up to his name to get them in.

I think Arizona has a really good pitching staff. Especially if Cahill returns to form.

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My predictions


AL division winners





AL wildcard winners




NL division winners





NL Wildcard




World series


Yankees Over the Phillies in 6.


Robinson Cano is the MVP and triple crown winner.

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