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Possible 50 game suspension for Bay looming.


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Eduardo Nunez as Yankee utility IF

.326 avg

12 HR

56 RBI

25 SBs


Andrew Jones as Yankee 4th OF

.255 avg

18 HR

60 RBI

1 SB



.356 avg

56 HR

157 RBI

21 SBs


Lol probly more like .270 30/100/8


Are you going to get those numbers by playing those guys on MLB2K12?

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Seriously, fringe, a lot of years of disappointment, I'm sure you can understand the cautiousness. It was a great win, and an encouraging sign for Johan, though. He was pretty sharp, got into trouble one inning but beared down and got the big out. I think he needs to work that arm strength up some more to get that fastball back up to a consistent 91-92. But even if he doesn't, he'll be very effective because his change is so dominant, and he threw more sliders yesterday, too. Johan's best weapon in his mental focus and mechanics that never change. He is so big for this team.


It was also nice to see Wright and Murphy get off to a hot start. Murph has been swinging a ridiculously hot bat through the end of spring training and kept it up yesterday.


Looks like your boy Andres Torres is going on DL. They are calling up Niewenhuis who I really like, and I hope he starts. Just a good all around player.

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