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Giants owner tweaks Jets over Tebow news conference


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Giants owner tweaks Jets over Tebow news conference


Is the Big Apple big enough for both the Super Bowl champion New York Giants and Tim Tebow?



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That was the question posed to Giants owner John Mara on Sunday at the NFL Annual Meeting. He responded with a pointed tweak of the New York Jets.

"I don't know," Mara told Newsday, "but the David Carr press conference will be tomorrow, too."

Zing. When a reporter from ESPN caught up with Jets owner Woody Johnson and relayed Mara's comment, a displeased Johnson replied, "Well, that's pretty interesting."

It's fairly obvious Mara & Co. have relished the unveiling of the Jets' dysfunction these past few months. Relations always have been chilly between the two crosstown rivals, and Rex Ryan's braggadocious nature clearly served as an accelerant.

Mara's comment becomes the second Giants dig on the Jets this year. Following their win over the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game, the Giants dropped an explanabrag:


Some teams are happy getting to Conference Championship games, but #ImReallyGoodAt winning them! 5-0 all time! #ALLIN 22 Jan 12


While not fending off thinly veiled potshots from a fellow rich guy, Johnson discussed why the Jets traded for Tebow, shooting down the notion that Gang Green put publicity over team chemistry.

"Let me be really clear about this: We work for the fans, and the fans want us to win games," Johnson said, according to ESPN. "So all of the decisions we make regarding the team are just for football. It's hard to predict other things. If you get confused in term of what your mission is, you're not going to accomplish your mission. And our mission is to win games pure and simple. We think that Tim Tebow has been a winner all his life."

Well, most of it anyway. Johnson said he's not concerned that Tebow's arrival will negatively affect Mark Sanchez.

"I'm really not," Johnson said. "They know each other. Being an NFL quarterback is one of the hardest jobs you can have from a pressure standpoint, from an athletic standpoint, etc. Pressure is something that Mark has no problem with, and neither does Tim Tebow from what I gather."



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