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Hey just want to let you a-holes know


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Lol who's driving in runs for them though?


There pitching is elite, IMO it's a top 3 pitching staff in MLB but they can't hit.


I see the AL shaping up like this





Rays *WC


Al east







Detroit and anaheim got better, but the yankees still got a great lineup, best bullpen in MLB, and a solid young deep starting rotation.


Lol the Yankees have a young promising staff!!






Hughes (gonna have a big year)


Freddy 6th man


Banuelos and Betances almost ready down in aaa.


Things are good in the Bronx as always.



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I will say this, they are going to strike out a lot. But they brought back Pena... so he is going to mash the ball, lots of RBI's and homers. They signed Luke Scott also, to DH. He strikes out a lot as well but he has good power, too. They are looking for him to return to his 2010 form where he hit around .280 and 27 homeruns. Also, Evan Longoria is healthy. Remember he was banged up for much of last season, and had a down year batting average wise. He did get his homeruns and RBI's, though. Plus a full season of Desmond Jennings, who was a late season call up last year. The offense is a lot different going into this year as it was last year. They don't have a lot of high average guys but they will hit a lot of homeruns.


Projected lineup:


1. Desmond Jennings LF

2. BJ Upton CF

3. Evan Longoria 3B

4. Carlos Pena 1B

5. Ben Zobrist 2B

6. Matt Joyce RF

7 Luke Scott DH

8 Sean Rodriguez SS

9 Jose Molina C


Guys 1-7 can all hit more than 20 homeruns this year. Upton, Longoria, Pena, possibly Luke Scott have a chance to hit over 30. The big concern is the strikeouts, though. Pena, Upton, Luke Scott, all strike out a lot. Longoria will also strike out over 100 times, same as Jennings.


They will probably live and die by the long ball. But Desmond Jennings is a wild card. If he has a big year setting the table, the Rays can win the East.

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Osi why do you think Hughes is going to have a big year? He couldn't hold on to a starting gig last season. I look at Hughes as your Mike Pelfrey. Everybody hanging on to potential for so long, never seeing that really materialize, and at some point you just have to say, he is what he is... an average starting pitcher.

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I've read that he's in the best shape of his life, has his velocity back and is on a mission to dominate this season. He's got 4-5 pitches and some good stuff. If he can maintain his velocity and control all year he will have a season ether then 2010 where he won 18 games.

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LOL, Osi. He's going to play most of this year at 40 years old. I don't think the Yanks will get 150 innings out of him.

No he's not gonna pitch till may. But it's a good signing.


Hughes Nd Pineda are Not locks. Maybe wrong about Hughes.


This adds stability and great insurance to the rotation.

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