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Pat Hanlon was right all along

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Giants VP of communications Pat Hanlon: 1

Giants fans who questioned the team’s lack of offseason moves: 0


Let’s go back to Aug. 11, when Hanlon called out some of those fans on Twitter. Now that the Giants are playing in the Super Bowl, they’re even funnier than they were before.


Fan: “Can you say definitively the Giants are better than last year?”

Hanlon: “Can you say we're worse, knucklehead?”


Fan: “All teams need to rebuild at one point, I'm not going to panic until the season begins.”

Hanlon: “Re-build my ass! I got your re-build.”


Fan: “Giants off-season can be summed up w/ one word: Debacle.”

Hanlon: “Thanks Lombardi. Cause I know you know.”


Paraphrased fan: “The Giants are worse on paper than they were last year.”

Hanlon: “We don't play on paper. You know what you can do w/ that paper?”


And Hanlon closed with this gem, “Typically, we try to make our noise in Jan-Feb. You like winning? Sit tight.”


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Is this how the head of the team communication department talks to the fans?


that's what I was thinking.


You gotta love his conviction, but the guy always comes off as an unlikable dick....

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