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Raiders fire Hue Jackson


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Now I don't get to watch many Raiders games so I only really know what I see as far as results. This man did not deserve to get fired. A team with this many top 5 draft picks clearly doesn't have a talent problem, it is a coaching problem. Now when you fire the guy who really started to bring the team back to NFL standards it sends the wrong message. You would think the organization would be trying to improve but they keep finding new ways to sink deeper into the abyss.


Raiders should be removed from the NFL. Being a member of the NFL is a priviledge not a right.

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I agree...this was an unfair firing...I can understand wanting your own man in there...but this guy almost got them into the playoffs. In a division where super coordinator Norv Turner has the lives of an alley cat and has done very little to show for it....here you have a rookie coach who was getting results. Hopefully some NFL or College team will pick him up.

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