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Broke Back Analysis

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He makes some decent points, but he himself is just as deluded in other areas as the other Cowboys' fans he thinks he is so much more enlightened than. For one, he said the Cowboys secondary is just as talented as the Giants secondary. The Cowboys don't have a single player as good as Corey Webster in that secondary. They would like to say Newman, but that is ridiculous. Their safeties are terrible. While we may overrate our safeties at times, and I know I do, the Cowboys' personnel is Exhibit A that we could do a lot worse.


Personally I think the lack of statistical support for the talent of our safeties has had a lot to do with schemes not taking advantage of their skill and the fact that Antrell Rolle has played out of position just about all season.


But that's neither here nor there. The biggest reason he is deluded is because he thinks that Tony Romo is as good as Eli Manning. And Cowboys fans will throw a lot of numbers at you to support this. They will reference great plays Tony has made, and his physical attributes like the fact that he moves around better than Eli. But sorry, Eli is better because he makes THE plays that win games. He doesn't make the mistakes Romo does, and he avoids trouble better than Romo, AND Eli is simply superior between the ears. That's why Eli has owned Dallas and not the other way around.


The Cowboys do have enough talent. Yes, they are short in a couple of areas like the secondary and on the offensive line. But the reason they won't win a championship is because while they have a franchise quarterback, they don't have a championship quarterback, and there's a difference. Call it what you want. Ernie Accorsi called it the IT factor. Eli has it, Romo does not.

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I actually started feeling bad for Scandrick....he got completely abused.


And Newman is a shadow of his former self.


As far as Romo is concerned.....he's a great QB in my opinion. It's just that the NYG defensive front overwhelmed the Cowboys line.

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While Romo isn't in Manning's class, it's awfully hard to throw from your back. Busted ribs, messed-up hand--you have your QB playing like that over the course of a season, and you know you have a terrible oline.


he's got one more probowl selection and NFL pundits say year in and year out that the Cowboys are a championship caliber team.


Doesn't that make him a better QB than manning?

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Romo puts up the numbers but fails to close the deal. And that's the extent of it. Eli consistently takes his team further than the Cowboys. Now, there's a slew of reasons behind it and we could argue for eternity which of the many reasons should take precedence, but at the end of the day, Eli is just the better of the two.

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The Knot disagrees with that analysis, and since the Knot is talking in the 3rd person in this post it most certainly means that the Knot knows what he's talking about and should not be argued with because talking in the 3rd person shows how intellectually superior he is to all.

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