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London Fletcher


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Old slow and soon to be AARP member? Hellz yes I'll sign him up. He's a freaking leader and we need a voice out there.


Funny how we got a leader from AP who also was from skins.


What's wrong with this team is the mellow vibe that's sucking the energy outta the defense. Eli can be mellow for the offense cuz we need a clear minded leader. But on defense we need some voice that can release the motherfucking krakken!!!! I don't care how talented each players is but if the group can't be on the same intensity level we're screwed. We need a freaking leader!!!!

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Will he play for Vet Minimum?


Because Reese has invested Fort Knox in Rolle, Canty, Baas, Bernard, etc.


No... more like all of the above get cut.. and suddenly we have a boatload of cash. Ross too... no fucking way I want to see him.. I'm having flashbacks of CC Brown.

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