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Yes, I have not been here in forever, but I felt I had to vent after that dismal, pathetic display against the Redskins.


I swear this team is bipolar. Someone think they should spike their gatorade with Lithum before the game? I do. Geesh.


The perfectly thrown balls that are dropped every week, kill me. The lack of pressure by the Defense, kills me. The lack of protection by the Offensive Line, kills me. The lack of guts, determination and pride by the WHOLE freaking team kills me. For fucks sake, can this team show up for more than 5 minutes a game? Eli, JPP and a handful of others are the ONLY reason this team is even in contention to go to the playoffs.


Oh and can SOMEONE, ANYONE, please tip the fucking refs before the game. I mean the non-call on the mugging of Cruz and the absolute shit reversal on the Ware TD are so Green Bay. It seems that every f'ing week the Giants are shut down, kicked around or flat out Bullshited by the Refs on one or two calls that change the entire dynamic of the game. Thanks you shitheel Zebras. I swear its like the refs are told to pull this shit because the only team that has a shot to break Green Bay down for the second Superbowl in a row is the Gints. They stole taht game away already, best not even let the Giants get that far.


Yes I know the Refs only played a part, and the Giants seemed to be still in Dallas, but shit....THIS IS MY RANT.


Good to see you guys again, now I will go back into my hovel for the rest of the season.

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Thanks guys. That was just brutal to watch. I almost showed up after the Green Bay game, to tell everyone that they look amazing on offense and that 07 kept coming to mind. Good thing I didn't.


Yeah, I know I should come around more, I just don't spend alot of time on the net. I'm either working - now working for 3 different companies doing sales, and building websites in my spare time, all in an effort to just stay afloat in these crappy economic times - or I'm working. :) If I am not working, I am relaxing watching some shows with the wife or playing for an hour or so on the xbox. No writting for over a year either. Real life demands real cash and being that this is my kids senior year in high school, everything is killing us cost wise.


Anyway, glad to see you all. Hope everyone is well. Perhaps I'll visit the dark side when I get a chance.

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