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Romo's a good QB........Eli has moved into the top 4 and stayed their all year with wins over Tom Brady and losses to Arron Rodgers (debateable loss as the Refs made some terrible calls awarding a bobbling TD and denying a Ballard TD a 14 point difference) , and Drew Brees (lets not go there- literally, we cannot seem to win in the Superdome)..........Romo is a top 10 QB but more towards 10 than 1


Although Dallas had won 4 straight, they were all relatively weak opponents......Then Romo layed an egg vs a very average Phoenix team.


Eli's receivers are also head and shoulders better than Tony's......Tony will be hit hard and often Sunday, Eli will remain upright and with Bradshaw back, and Jacobs re-born.....Eli now has saftey valves to stop any rush Dallas can concoct.


I see a Giants victory here but its not automatic.....maybe by 3-7 points............both teams literally playing for their Playoff lives.

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