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Richie Seubert


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I know Nas for one, and I'm sure others, really miss Richie in blue, and have made statements about Reese getting him back. I just saw this thread from someone over at BBI, saying they met Richie before the Packers game at the tailgate.


Here's the post, and I'll provide the link, which includes a blurry pic of Richie and the poster.

Met Seubert today in the parking lot

darasman : 12:05 am

was tailgating with License Plate Guy and Rich showed up...great guy, told him wish he was still on the field, he said "me too, believe me..if I could run I would be" must have been one hell of an injury....but still as True Blue as there is....


sorry that the pic was so blurry, the phone cam blew and Berry took the picture...lol





So anyways, that gave me closure on Richie coming back. Damn.

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