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An objective analysis of the defense needed


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I'm not capable of providing an objective analysis because I was so pissed off that I let the DVR take over and tried to bang out some work that I took home (I was kind of expecting a beat down, so I figured I might as well be productive in the event the game got out of hand).


But I would be interested if someone (Bueller?.....Bueller?......Allstarjim?) could tell me what Fewell was playing last night.


Specifically, was it basically 4 man rush, 2 LBs, and 5 DBs for the majority of the game in zone? How much blitzing took place?


I'm thinking that was what got abused, but again, I couldn't really bring myself to break down what was going on.

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Last night, it wasn't about x's and o's. It was about Jimmys and Joes.


Their Jimmy's are better than our Joes, Joe.


Exactly right.


They blitzed plenty of times...and every time they did, our guys couldn't cover the other guys, or even come close to getting to the QB. And Brees killed the blitz. He also killed the zone. His dudes even beat our Man Coverage looks (looking at you, Corey Webster)


He's playing a base Nickel to cover our weaknesses at LB that's been there and ignored for several years now....

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