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Totally forgot last weekend...


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So last weekend I take my girl to her first ever Giants game. We didn't have a ticket for her but I assured her we'd find one at the game. After passing some people on the road, we ended up eight outside the stadium but still... no ticket.


I see this guy with a bunch in his hand (looked like five) and there's only three of them there. I ask if they're selling and he says no, but an older guy he's with asks "how many, and for who?". I tell him one and it's for my girlfriend. he says ok, he has one, and gives it to her, but doesn't want any money... just flat out refuses to take anything for em.


So it turns out.... the ticket is for Coaches Club seats. Seven hundred dollar tickets, fifty yard line, row 9. Theres all kinds of free gourmet food (she had caviar and standing rib) and she got to go down on the actual field and talk to the players. She said Eli waved to her and JPP said a few things. She also said Will Beatty came over and talked for a good two minutes or so. I can see her from the other side of the stadium, it looked fucking awesome.


At halftime she decides to come over to our section and hang out instead. She said our section was actually a lot more fun... because the people really wanted to watch the game... not talk about their mansion on Long Island or how they retired at 28 from Wall Street. She said everyone was very nice but it was obvious all their tickets were comped and a lot of them could give two shits about the Giants.


That's some fucking shit, huh? I tried to tell her that next time we go to the stadium, it's not gonna be anything like that.

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