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Are we gtting Osi back Sunday?


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my bet is after the bye week.


I would agree with that.. even if he's ready to come back before then.. let's take the safe route and not pull what the cowboys are doing with Romo...


Speaking of which Vick declared he's "fine" and 100% ready for next game.. this tells me he's exaggerating his injuries to get whiny brownie points for being a tough guy... fuck off.

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even if Osi returns.. JPP has been kicking ass in DE spot, i don't see how Osi can gain his playing time back... I think OSI should eat some humble pie and stop bitching about $$$.... the Giants are giving him a longer playing career without forcing him out there... this is coming from a dude who owns a Osi jersey...

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It would nice if he would come back and spell Tuck and JPP........Tollefson is a good player but we need 4 good DE's



yep. With a healthy 4 man rotation we will be only that much better late in games.





the official line from Coach Coughlin offers this in the way of "clarity"


“We’ll see how that is,’’ Coughlin said. “I’m hoping we can have one good day and no repercussions the next. That will help us understand what we’ve got. I would like to have Osi get some practice time. I think he definitely needs to spend some time on the field with his teammates, to put himself back in those situations. And perhaps then if we’re fortunate not to have any problems we can make adjustments.’’


Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/blogs/giantsblog/osi_returns_to_giants_practice_U8B02JRNSgcwh5V6ypHC7L#ixzz1ZLVGrRTN

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