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We hardly talk about..


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Will Beatty... has this guy been solid so far or what?


He must be doing a good job, since we don't talk about him.


Still early in the season, but seems like the line has improved each week. Playing the Eagles, in Philly, is about as tough a test as they'll have in a while.

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I think he has been somewhat a upgrade but Diehl seems to be struggling.


I think Beatty has been a huge upgrade... has he given up a sack yet? (Granted, he had plenty of help vs Trent Cole.)


But I agree, Diehl doesn't seem as comfortable at guard as I expected. But its been a while, and he's got new guys on both sides of him, so I think that will work itself out.

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Didn't pay attention during the Eagles game that much, but Diehl was decimated in the first two games.


He gave up three sacks in the Redskins game all EXACTLY the same way. He just got shoved to his left and then the guy blew by him to his right. The plays were even so similar I had to keep checking that I was actually watching different plays as opposed to watching the same sack over and over. And against the Rams he gave up a sack again against EXACTLY the same move.


I think CD is right he's not used to a more balanced attack from either side. He's probably still adjusting from LT where he probably spent most of his time shoving DE's on the outside rush deep into the backfield. We'll see, but he was awful to start the year.


I'm not quite sold on Beatty, but it's really not crazy that he'd need help against Cole. I personally think Cole is better than our ends, he's just a beast.





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I wonder if Eli's inconsistency the first couple of games have been because of the O-line getting into a rhythm?


Eli knew he had time and protection in previous seasons because the O-line from year to year was basically untouched. I wonder if in his mind he was more worried about not having that same time to throw the ball so he was forcing stuff more off his back foot, trying to get the ball out.


Maybe the coaches sat down with him before the Eagles game and showed him game tape of the pocket and said "Look you DO have time, stop trying to rush throws"


I mean Eli is always going to throw off his back foot and over throw and under throw WRs from time to time, that's just what he have come to expect but at the same time now that I think he has settled down with the new O-line you finally see him getting back into that groove of throwing good passes.

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