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Jaquain Williams & Boley


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Boley is having his best season so far and looks to be in pro bowl form. Really making Reese look good for signing him, same with Canty. These men are players.


As for Jaquain Williams, this guy has INSTINCts!!!


As well as tremendous JPP like athletic ability. The dude is gonna be an absolute STUD! I'm sold!!


Trust me on this, our LBers are back!! It's been awhile but we can finally take a deep breath and relax about out LBers, they are very impressive and it's very refreshing. Hvnt seen a pair of linebackers on the giants with Freak2 and Boleys speed in my lifetime watching. Anyone see a poor mans LT in Williams?? (older fans)


Btw Williams will only get better and better and it was me who called this out many many weeks ago while Paysinger was getting praise, I was hailing JwIll


Also Jaquain Williams offiicially has me jizzing in my pants!!

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Osi, I thought you creamed your pants?


I agree with your thoughts on the linebacker play, it is much improved.


Williams has been a surprise. Throughout the preseason, it was Paysinger who got the more significant reps... I think when Goff got hurt they started looking at different things. They seem to look at Williams as a more athletic guy and better coverage linebacker than Jones, more of a Boley type. But Williams is playing tremendous football. I still like Jones as a mike backer, but whenever they go to the nickel package you're seeing Boley and Williams. I like these 2 young players. And Williams, who knows... for a 6th round compensatory pick, this kid could be the steal of the draft.


I do think Goff was on the verge of stardom, though. I hope Goff earns that starting spot next year, again. He is going to be a very, very good middle linebacker, something that I didn't believe earlier in his career.

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Kiwi isn't bad in the LB spot either. I was pleasantly surprised by their play yesterday. I'll wait on heaping tons of praise on them until we see them play this well consistently. They're young, and show promise, but until you bring it on a consistent basis, you're not a stud, you're not a star, you're just an average starter.

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