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With the Addition of Stokley do we now have the best Receiver Corp?


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Manningham 1000 yds


Nicks 1200 yds


Stokley 750 yds


Ballard 800 Yds


These are my projections for 2011...... thats approximately 3800 yds from those 4 alone


Eli can get to 4500 with the RBs added this year


35 Receiving TDs and 14 INTs are projected


If the RBs can add another 2000 yds on the ground that should get us in the Playoffs



Only San Diego and New England can hope to be in this class offensively.....I believe we were the 5th ranked offense last year so this will just be a move up one slot.....we were 7th ranked in D last year


Stokleys best yr was 2004 at 15yds per catch and over 1000 yds for the year

but 2 yrs ago at Denver he averaged 17 yds per catch

He only has 1 fumble in his entire 13 year career




Its kind of remarkable we could get a guy this good at this point in the year..........hes like a Steve Smith with 2 legs instead of one

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There's a difference between a "projection" and "pulling a number out of your ass". He's not going to average anything close to 17ypc as the #3 receiver . Smith's best was 11.4 as the #2. Ballard will be luck to break 500 yards, it's still Gilbride's offense.

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Guest StrahansGap

You do realize that Eli manning is our quarterback, right? We could have Rice, Moss, nicks and bavaro and it still wouldn't make a difference

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If Stokley could avg 17 yds per catch 18 months ago with Kyle Orton throwing the ball he can do as good or better with Eli


Stockley knows how to get open, its a talent, a special gift and he has it.......Maningham and Nicks will get the double coverage..........Eli should have a field day with this guy


Those are my estimates and I'm sticking to them......what made us the 5th best offense last year that we do not have now?


The OLine has to jell.........we need to get Boothe back on the O-line


Jacobs has to get a lot more field time to protect Eli


The D Line needs to get healthy to get us field position on turnovers and they need to move this kid Da'Rel Scott on the field somehow


This could be a very very good team if coached properly


Stockley's game does not rely upon speed, it relies on quickness and intelligence......thats like saying Amani Toomer could not perform at 35........nonsense..........check out his playoff performances just last fall......the guy is a winner

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I think we may indeed have the best receiver corp in the NFL come playoff time............there is a nice blend of talent, experience, and potential......could explode........maybe not.........we''ll see


I would not read too too much into losing to a hyped up Skins home team in a seasons opener


If you think like that then the Steelers are the worst team in the NFL


Stockley also had an 87 YD TD 2 years ago........you dont make an 87 yd TDs with no speed

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