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Having a senior moment, need help....who was on the line last yr


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Just before we played the Cowbows last year we had arguably for a brief instant the best OLine in NFL HIstory


Ohara was injured


I know Seubert was in there.....I forget who the relacement guard was but I don't think it was Beatty


That line provided Ironclad protection of Eli for 3-4 games and the RBs were averaging a solid 9 yards per carry


So what does clueless Tom do (and it was very controversial at the time)

He put a still injured not fully healed O'hara back at center and the whole season, and possibly Tom's job future collapsed


The Cowboys/Eagles knocked O'Hara back into Eli time after time and the running game came to a complete halt and this continued for the rest of a pitifull December


I want to say it was







Kevin Boothe











for 4 or 5 games those guys played like the 1962 Packers OLine


We were 6-2 before the shuffle and went 4-4 beating only patsies after the shuffle (Minn, Skins twice, and the Jags)


Clueless Tom completely re-shuffled them by putting Ohara back at center, removing Boothe and sliding Seubert to Guard


The rest is history.........our playoff chances evaporated, and we embarked upon sub 500 football which we may see now for years to come


Undoubtedly the dumbest decision ever made by a NY Giants HC.......that one move probably sealed Coughlins fate too........I doubt he survives this post season


had he left the replacement line intact we go to the playoffs.......maybe deep and there is no discussion now of Coughin and Eli being inadequate


Also why is Boothe not playing now.........Did he insult Coughlins or something? As I recall our RBs were following Big Boothe into the opponents secondary on a regular basis

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We have to get Boothe back out there.........maybe its time to give McKenzie a spell once in a while......hes getting up there


Maybe should have a Pass oriented line, and a Run oriented line.......rotate them


If I had to say one thing concerns me about the Giants right now its the O-line............so far extremely mediocre group

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We had Koets at C, he should go back there, once healthy. I have not been impressed with Baas, he looked lazy last week. He was good G, not so great at C. He struggled last year in San Francisco, when he went to C. He was our big offseason signing though, we could have Smith back for less then what we paid Baas.

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