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WOW Spags is the last guy I want to face Monday Night


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Agreed. The last thing our still jelling OL needs is a Spags Defense right now. I'm sure most of us saw the Ram/Eagle game. Blitzers were coming from EVERYWHERE!!! And they were coming untouched a lot of the time. They change the timing, too, sometimes rushing right at the snap, other times they'd delay a second, see the OL commit and engage, then charge through open gaps. Very clever stuff. Typical Spags.


Their problem was they kept losing contain on Vick but obviously, Eli doesn't present the same mobility problem. Think Spags has some ideas on how to upset Eli's timing and rhythm? After what we saw in DC, you'd have to be a fool not to be worried.

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Its funny, you know the first thing I said after the Eli's pick six is the Giants should have called a stop and go to Manningham for a possible 95 yd TD and then I see the Patriots do the exact same thing from the 99.5 yd line.


The Giants have no imagination. They will try to run on Spags and get nowhere. Then they will throw those short outs

and run draws.........


Eli needs to rise up and show us he is in Brady's class......he needs to complete some passes downfield to stop the nonsense of 8-9 in the box


hmmmmm......can he?

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If he gets time to write a letter back there, like Brady did Monday night, then sure, he can hit big plays down field. You don't throw for 8,000 yards and 58 TDs the last two years without being able to throw the ball.


But a stop & go to Manningham takes way more time than he had. It would have been a "stop & sack"!

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This may only be game 2 but its a very important game 2


we are down 0-1, its on national tv playing in front of your peers,against our old coach


Are these guys Giants or Midgets?........now is the time to make your stand and put your back into it


If we see another lackluster effort I'll want to vomit.


not to say you set the stage for what may come to be the biggest test of the year the very next week..........Eagles at Eagles

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Rams don't scare me


We beat the rams


Falcons beat the eagles


We match up in Philly week 3 with both o us at 1-1


I'm sure most of us felt the same way about the Skins.. besides it's really the Giants that scare us.

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