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I'm wondering if anyone else listened to the 30 min on Coughlin


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on ESPN Radio tonight


much was made of Coughlin's initial speech 8 yrs ago when he ridiculed Jim Fassel's country club atmosphere where injured players and players in general were "coddled"


According to a friend of Fassel's he was livid about those comments......which are now coming back to haunt Ol Tom


Consensus of the 30 minutes was this is Coughlin's swan song year


Now this idiot Stephen A. Smith (the worlds most annoying human being aside from Chris Carter) is going on and on and on about how now one wants to play in NY because of Eli- "He's too boring"


Really???????? Thats how these guys plan their careers.....I guess Steve Smith was attracted like a moth to light by Michael Vick's jokes ......... What an axxhole Stephen A. is.......and a racist blowhard :furious:

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