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Goff out for season


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Now were having injuries like we did a few years back where we signed Roman Phifer a a LB. He was 63 when we got him to play for our injury riddled defense. Thats it, Im goin over to that other thread and editing my post on the prediciton thread. 4-12 if we're lucky. :furious:

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Holy fuck.


All I can say really.


Goff was starting to emerge as a good MLB who could of developed into something better this year.


This really puts a hit into the really weak LB core, hopefully some of these rookies and FAs can come in and at least patch the LB position.

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I don't fucking believe this! Goff was one of the few bright spots this summer. He looked a step faster to every play than last year and tackled with authority when he got there. I saw this as his breakout year. If it wasn't for shit luck, we'd have none at all!


Five days to opening day and this season is teetering on the brink before it begins. I've been saying all camp not to panic, that we still have a strong core but the avalanche of bad news is doesn't end and I'm having trouble staying optimistic. This could get ugly.

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I don't think we can trust MLB to a Rookie..........gotta go to the waiver wire, or make a trade......who backs him up?


I'll bet David Garrard could play MLB............the guy is a freak of nature......I'm just kidding but in reality he could probably do it........We should sign Garrard anyway and get rid of Carr.....Is Carr's money gauranteed? :busted_cop:

about time the golden boy had somone behind him who could make him sweat a bit.


I said we should have traded down and taken Cushing or Clay Matthews last year, and all you guys laughed........I'm a prophet .....holy cripes

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Kawika Mitchell has been signed


And Jones will take the job for the next 10 years. It's a shame thought Goff was in for a big year.


Seriously Kawika Mitchell is back??....................Halleluhia!!!! I thought that was Reeses's biggest mistake EVER to let him walk away.


Also Jones can rotate in ...........Jones is monster


As the Grateful Dead would say- "What a strange strange trip its been Mr Mitchell...........well he got his $5 million per year for 3 yrs and now can come back for his 2nd ring :smartass:


Mitchell is/was also a club house leader


I'll never forget the move he made in the Super Bowl......he faked a retreat into coverage, then saw a hole and slammed Tom Brady into the End Zone..........hit him good <_<

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what is the total torn ACLs now??.............we are setting an all time torn ACL record that will never be broken


I hope JPP did not slam into him by accident


True story- Jim Taylor hurt so many players in practice, Vince Lombardi had him suit up and run into a cement wall while the others practiced............Taylor once said on Johnny Carson his one regret in the NFL is that he had never actually killed someone.......cut from a different lumber stock that one.........don't make them like that anymore


Any cement walls in the bubble JPP can assault?

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