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Who Makes the Practice Squad?


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So, if rumors can be trusted, DE Justin Trattou will end up on the practice squad, according to his agent, Brian Mackler.


Other candidates include:


QB Ryan Perrilloux

TE Christian Hopkins

DE Ayanga Okpokowuruk (if some team doesn't pick him up)

DT Dwayne Hendricks

S David Sims


That's six, and we can have eight....so what rookie should we keep or try to pick up? I think the offensive line needs to have representation on the PS. Sooner or later, injuries catch up with every team and the PS is all that is left in the cupboard and I don't think we have a genuine backup center do we?





FYI - The low down on PS players:


Eligibility for the practice squad is based on the following guidelines:


•Players can't have already been on a practice squad for two or more years, although a third year on the practice squad is possible if a player's team has had at least 53 players on the roster during his entire period of employment (players are deemed to have spent a season on the practice squad if they are on it for three of more regular season or postseason games during their first two years and at least one during their third year)


•Players can't have an accrued season of NFL experience (six or more games on a team's 53-man roster, injured reserve or PUP list), unless they were on the active list (i.e. were dressed to play) for fewer than nine regular season games during their only accrued season(s)


The General Rules for the practice squad are as follows:


•Teams can have a practice squad consisting of a maximum of eight players (a ninth player can be added if he lives outside of the United States and is not a U.S. citizen)


•Practice squad players make $5,700 per week and can only participate in practice (duhhh)


•Players on the practice squad are free to negotiate with other teams and can be signed to another team's 53-man roster without compensation to the original team


•If a team signs a player from the practice squad of its next opponent, the move must be made at least six days before the game; players signed from a practice squad also must count against the 53-man roster for three weeks (these rules are in place to prevent teams from signing practice squad players for one week just to get information on their next opponent; it's still possible, but these rules discourage the practice)

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$5700 a week is nearly 300K a year. Not too shabby.

I agree. But the truth is....that's the mandatory minimum. A lot of players get more than that.....some, a lot more than that. And salary cap doesn't extend to practice squad players. There are those on the squad making as much as a player on the roster....especially if they are at risk of being taken by another team.

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RB Andre Brown has a cleared waivers and signed to the Giants practice squad

That's good because he's proven he's a very solid back. I'm sure there will be injuries this season to our runners (as every year) as they take a beatin. It's good to have a solid back to step in and take their place.....providing someone doesn't sign him off our PS, which could happen seeing that RB's are highly prone to injury around the league.

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These five are confirmed. I want to see us get Okpokawurak (or as tree calls him, Okpokawakwaka) on the squad. Also surprised they haven't signed Perrilloux or Sims.


—DE Justin Trattou, according to his agent, Brian Mackler.


—DT Dwayne Hendricks, reported by The Star-Ledger


—TE Christian Hopkins, reported by the NY Daily News


—RB Andre Brown, reported by The Star-Ledger and confirmed by his agent, Hadley Engelhard


—LB Adrian Tracy, reported by The Star-Ledger

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Updated List - with notes from TrueBlue. We have room for one more.....where's Okopokawakwak?


—DE Justin Trattou: The Don Bosco alum and Franklin Lakes native made a big impression despite plenty of competition at DE and him being somewhat undersized. But playing against top competition in high school and in the SEC (he played four years at Florida) helped him make the jump to the NFL.


—C Jim Cordle: The Ohio State product has good size (6-3, 320) and smarts.


—DT Dwayne Hendricks: Another New Jersey native, the Miami alum was on the practice squad the past two seasons.


—TE Christian Hopkins: The Toldeo product played two years in the UFL before signing with the Giants in July.


—RB Andre Brown: The 2009 fourth-round pick with the Giants is finally recovered from the ruptured Achilles tendon that cost him the 2009 season and hobbled him last year. He received plenty of work Thursday night, rushing for 68 yards on 21 carries in the first half. Although the numbers aren’t eye-popping, he did have several strong runs that prodded the offense.


“It was tiring, but it felt good,” Brown said. “It felt good to be out there and come out and start.”


Speedy rookie Da’Rel Scott beat him out for the last roster spot at RB


—LB Adrian Tracy: The 2010 sixth-round pick missed all of last season with a dislocated elbow. He told The Star-Ledger last week he expects to spend most of his time this season at DE. He lost a roster spot in a competitive LB battle with rookies Spencer Paysinger, Mark Herzlich and Jacquian Williams.


—QB Ryan Perrilloux: Still traveling along the road to redemption after a rocky stay at LSU, no one can argue that is not physically blessed. If he improves his reads and decision-making, he could be a starter in the league.

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